How to Fundraise to Buy Team Uniforms - Making It a Success

‘Oh no, not another sports fundraiser!’ I hear soccer parents up and down the country grumbling and although soccer doesn’t require as much equipment as most other sports, the plain fact of the matter is that you’ll need to come up with some soccer fundraising ideas for purchasing uniforms.

Obviously, in the current economic climate, sports team fundraising is more challenging than ever. With a collective purse-string tightening happening all around us, you’ll have to be creative. Don’t be overwhelmed; remember, it’s not like selling life insurance! It’s all for a good cause and an excellent opportunity to have fun, do something positive for your community and test your organizational skills. And it doesn’t have to be a chore; youth sports fundraising will help teach your young players pertinent lessons about teamwork and the importance of managing money, and what better way to teach them? All the money raised will directly benefit the team they love. Get the little cherubs involved and get them excited by it; their motivation will be essential to your cause. The first thing you’ll need to do is to work out that target ‘ball-park figure’ that you need to raise. Expect to have to raise at least $100 per player to get them properly kitted out. And so, to sports fundraising ideas:
  • The key is to be positive, enthusiastic and confident; go into your sports team fundraisers with gusto and involve local businesses (especially when fundraising for youth soccer ).
  • Why not ask them if they’d like to sponsor your new soccer uniforms?
  • Sell them the idea that it’ll be great positive publicity for them, with all the exposure they’ll get from game-days and friends and family of your players.
  • Local gyms, sports stores and health food stores will especially benefit from the association with a soccer team.
  • Ask local newspapers to promote your sports fundraising ideas; they always need to fill column space and what better than a feel-good soccer fundraising article?
  • Use all the community resources at your disposal, put notices on community boards and spread the word!
  • Who is your nearest professional/ semi-pro team? Be it a star of Major League Soccer or a more modest club, it can’t hurt to ask for a donation and it wouldn’t suit them to turn you down. After all, you could have the next Landon Donovan in your ranks!
Far and away the best plan is to hold a special fundraising soccer day. There’ll probably be some initial outlay; because profit margins will be your chief concern, be cautious.
  • Charge a small entry fee
  • Organize six-a-side and ball-juggling competitions with donated prizes.
  • Get local moms and dads involved and have a candy or bake sale.
  • Have a barbecue and sell burgers, ribs and hot dogs to your spectators!
  • Have a raffle; this is a tried and trusted team sports fundraising idea.
  • Challenge the local firefighters, police, doctors and lawyers to a game!
  • Be sure to let everybody know that all profits are going to your excellent cause.
So, where to spend your hard-earned funds when you’ve successfully raised them? You’ll want to get the best deal possible; for an unbeatable range, excellent customer service and some great prices on team packages, you won’t find a better deal out there than with the guys at Code Four Athletics.

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams
How to Purchase Team Soccer Uniforms - Keys to Outfitting the Entire Team
Greetings to my fellow soccer fanatics! If you’re reading this, you’re thinking seriously about improving your team and looking for advice on how to buy soccer uniforms. Whether you’re a junior league coach or part of a newly-formed amateur team, you’ll want your team to look the part.
Matching, professional-looking uniforms will greatly benefit your team because your players will take pride in their shirts, enhancing teamwork on and off the field. The main things you need to consider when purchasing team soccer uniforms are:
  • Colors
  • Customizing
  • Sizing
  • Packages: What is included?
  • Cost & Shipping
So the first consideration has to be “which colors”? Is there an obvious color? For instance, football’s Green Bay Packers were never going to wear purple. Maybe you’ve taken a truly democratic approach and had a vote or perhaps your decision will be based on the professional teams you support: The red and white stripes of Chivas USA? The blue and burgundy of Barcelona? Or possibly even the lily-white jerseys of Tottenham Hotspur? Remember to check out which colors the other teams in your league are wearing. You’ll want to stand out and yet minimize the need for an ‘away’ uniform, although there are other ways to make your uniforms unique, like customization! Have you got a team logo? Most online soccer stores offer a screen-printing or embroidery service for custom soccer uniforms and can even design a logo for you. Some crests are obvious: Arsenal’s cannon, Nottingham Forest’s tree and Colorado Mountain United’s er… mountain, to name but a few. Numbering can be in different fonts, jerseys usually include free numbers on the back, and it’s also possible to buy reversible uniforms. When you’re buying team soccer uniforms, you’ll need different sizes for your big, bruising central defenders, your speedy little wingers and your long-limbed goalkeepers. Sizes from S to XXL are commonly available. Anything bigger and your team may be better off playing basketball! Sizes for youth soccer uniforms will also be available in S, M and L; see if you can borrow some samples for a couple of weeks to make sure that they fit! By far, the most economically sound way to get your entire team ‘kitted up’ is to purchase team soccer uniform packages, which can include jerseys, shorts, socks, jackets and warm-ups for each player that will make them look as sharp and professional as Thierry Henry. This will definitely save you money in the long run. For most of us, who haven’t the multi-million dollar backing of an oil-sheikh (Manchester City) or the Spanish national bank (Real Madrid), your primary concern will be cost. Even with some of the better package deals, you’re looking at an outlay of $100+ for each player to be fully kitted up to train and play. Take into account shipping and handling charges when deciding upon your budget; usually the bigger the order, the better deal you’ll get. There are some great deals to be had out there and, in this respect, it’s probably most prudent to use an online soccer store. I can vouch for the guys at Code Four Athletics for all-round fantastic customer service and some great deals on packages. I hope this has been helpful and that I’ve answered most, if not all of your questions.

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams
A Soccer Warm Up Jacket For Cold Practice Days
Soccer warm up suits are a very athletic and cool looking addition to a team’s uniform package, which means it won’t be difficult to get young soccer players to wear them. Players will soon feel and appreciate the suit’s health and safety benefits on those soccer game days or practice nights when the temperatures are frosty, soggy or just plain cold. Not only will they feel more comfortable in the cold or inclement weather, but they may also perform better because the suits play a role in adding and maintaining proper muscle warmth.

Safety From The Elements

Parents and coaches can feel more confident that the risk for injury may be lowered when soccer warm up suits are part of the team’s clothing ensemble. The advancing world of sports science and medicine, along with the most talented soccer training experts, all teach that muscles require much more than training and conditioning to maximize performance on the field while reducing the chances of a game-ending, or worse, a season-ending injury. Muscles need to be warmed up before the competition begins and warmed down when the game is over. Proper heat promotes good muscle contraction and recovery, and failing to give muscles this type of therapeutic rest and relaxation results in both minor and major injuries that can keep players sidelined from the sport they love to play. The soccer warm up suit or jacket is an excellent addition to a soccer team’s physical warm up routine. Staying properly covered can also ward off the chills and dampness that make players more susceptible to colds and flu.

How To Get Soccer Warm Up Suit For Your Team

We offer team soccer uniforms for both boys and girls, including sharp looking jerseys, shirts, shorts, socks, cleats and all other accessories. The soccer warmup suit coordinates with the uniform and includes matching jackets and pants. We carry the best team soccer uniforms and the best soccer warm up suits available. Most suits are water resistant, constructed from breathable, protective polyester and provide a good but roomy fit to allow for unrestricted movement. Jacket features often include zippered fronts and side pockets while pants have comfortable elastic waists. Our soccer uniforms and warm up suits are available in several different designs and in an assortment of solid colors and color combinations. Boys and girls sizes are available to suit up every member of the team. We also provide the best soccer warm up suits in adult sizes, making it convenient for coaches and team moms to dress out as well. When deciding which uniform will best represent your youth soccer team, consider making the soccer warmup suit part of the group’s team wear. Besides the health and safety benefits they can contribute to practices and game days, there is no denying that they look good on everyone. Teammates will take great pride in wearing them and opponents will certainly take notice of the team they are up against. This type of tailored, matching and professional looking athletic wear encourages a unifying esprit de corps among the team — and announces to the competition that their challengers are on the field, ready to play some serious soccer!

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams
Soccer Warm-up Suits

‘Cool’ guidelines for getting the best soccer warm-up suits

  • Why purchase warm-up suits?
  • What should I look for in a good quality soccer warm-up suit?
  • Where can I find them?
Sports science, and soccer sports science in particular, has come a long way since the dark days of poor training techniques, when coaches would make you bench press and run all day without giving a thought to the long-term damage it could be causing. I’ve personally seen promising careers ended by poor coaching.
As any modern coach or player worth their salt knows, getting properly warmed up and warmed down before and after training and the big game greatly reduces the risk of injury. The majority of small, troublesome injuries are caused by an athlete’s failure to adequately warm up and down. Warming down is just as important as warming up. Fact. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen our athletes strip off when they leave the field of play because they feel too hot, when the best thing for them to do is to put on a warm-up jacket! Muscles need time to contract, relax and recover for the next championship-deciding fixture; these are the small margins in which team sports operate! Therefore, having good quality polyester-knit and water-resistant soccer warm-up suits, ponchos, parkas, pants and jackets will provide a great advantage for your youth or adult soccer team, keeping your star players on the playing field and off the treatment table. And why not look good while doing something good? Usually available in a great variety of different team colors, matching warm-up jackets and warm-up pants can be purchased in many different sizes, from the very small to the extra, extra large. You’ll either intimidate them or make your rivals seethe with jealousy at how professional you look, which can only be a good thing! If you use a reputable online soccer store, such as the guys at Code Four Athletics, whom I highly recommend, your gear can be customized in your team colors with your team logo and player numbers proudly and professionally emblazoned upon them. If you intend to outfit an entire team, be sure to check out our review on Soccer team uniform packages, with links to some great deals.

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams
How to Buy Custom Soccer Uniforms - Good Footwork
To give your team a unique identity and a real sense of togetherness, you should consider using an online soccer store to buy custom soccer uniforms. Having a uniform to be proud of will bring the best out of your fledgling super-star players and therefore increase work-rate and team-ethic. 
First off, the biggest decision is choosing your colors. You can draw upon any inspiration you like. For instance, if your team is called ‘Red-bridge Thunder’ it makes sense that you should wear red club uniforms. The ‘Green Bay Pirates’ should definitely wear green! Maybe the team colors you choose will be based on the professional teams you support: The red and white stripes of Chivas USA? The blue and burgundy of European champions Barcelona? Or possibly even the lily-white jerseys of London’s Tottenham Hotspur? Remember to check out which colors the other teams in your league are wearing; you’ll want to stand out and minimize the need for an ‘away’ uniform, although there are other ways of making your uniforms unique. Here’s a cute bit of history about the way some of the world’s best teams chose their club uniforms:
  • Juventus of Italy have black and white striped jerseys because back at the beginning of the 20th century, the oldest surviving club in the world, England’s Notts County (established in 1862), lent the Italian team their spare set when Juve’s own garish baby-pink uniform was ‘mislaid’.
  • In the early 1970s, London’s Crystal Palace FC adopted burgundy and blue to pay homage to Spain’s FC Barcelona, hoping that some of the Spanish club’s greatness would rub off on them!
In my experience, the best thing to do would be to take a vote; bring some good old-fashioned Western-style democracy to the playing field! Do you have a club logo you’d like to incorporate into your soccer club uniform’s design? Perhaps you’ve asked a local business to sponsor your team? No problem, most of these stores offer a screen-printing or embroidery service and can weave their magic by placing your designs in prominent positions. You’ll want to factor in what you need; jerseys, shorts, socks, warm-up suits and jackets can be purchased together in a price-sensitive package. There’s usually a minimum order of approximately 24 uniforms, but you’ll want to purchase more than one uniform set per player. We all know players can’t always be relied upon to have one set clean for every game! Choose a suitable material that is also practical; most designs are available in highly technologically advanced, moisture-wicking fabrications with reinforced stitching at the main pressure points to cope with all that rough and tumble! After all, you’ll want your soccer uniforms to last at least a few glory-strewn seasons! Remember, you’ll need different sizes for your big, bruising central defenders, your speedy little wingers and your long-limbed goalkeepers. Sizes from S to XXL are available. Anything bigger and your team may be better off playing basketball! Sizes for youth soccer uniforms will also be available in S, M and L; see if you can borrow some samples for a couple of weeks to make sure that they fit. I would usually plan for a couple of months, from submitting your designs for customized soccer club uniforms until actually wearing them for the big game! Sixty days is an average turnaround. Personally, I’d look no further than the guys at Code Four Athletics for a great range of soccer team uniforms at extremely competitive prices.

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams
Soccer Goalie Gear - What You Need for the Game
The most important player on the soccer field deserves the best soccer goalie gear!
  • What specialist jersey, apparel and uniform will best suit a goalie’s needs?
  • Why do they need that extra protection, more so than other players?
  • Where can I find it?
Goalies are often described as ‘crazy’ and with good reason: Some notable soccer goalies in history include Pope Jean Paul II, Luciano Pavarotti (world renowned opera tenor), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes’ creator), Albert Camus (Philosopher and Nobel prize winner) and Julio Iglesias (Spanish crooner). So point proven then!
Of all the playing positions on the soccer field, the goalie is the most important player on the field and gets the roughest treatment. Therefore, it stands to reason that they should be adequately protected. The goalies are literally putting their bodies on the line and in the path of anything that tries to get past them, so they must ensure that they have the best, most durable uniform, accessories and soccer goalie equipment to do the job. Pants, shorts, shirts, knee pads, gloves and helmets all need to be taken into consideration. First off, let’s start with the shirts. Soccer goalie gear has to be a different color from that of the rest of their team-mates; it helps distinguish them from the other players. Plus, it’s a basic law of the game! Unlike their team-mates, their jerseys will probably need to be long sleeved with reinforced stitching at the main pressure points and padding at the elbows to withstand all the diving and jumping around. Most reputable online soccer stores fashion their uniforms from technologically advanced moisture-wicking fabrications that’ll do the job nicely. Some goalies wear shorts, but most goalies I know prefer to wear pants for exactly the same reason that they wear long sleeves. Taking a 100 mph ball from a burly striker on bare skin is no fun at all! Either way, choose a durable, double-knit polyester construction if you can, with padding in the hips and knees. If you do decide on shorts, take my advice and get yourself some knee pads … you’ll thank me later! Perhaps the most important accessories a goalie can have are soccer goalie gloves with finger protection. Broken, fractured and bruised fingers are part and parcel of a goalie’s sporting career, but they can greatly reduce that risk with some suitable gloves. Not only will they be protected, but gloves also help them do a better job by having that vital extra grip for clawing away goal-bound shots and holding on to crosses from dead-ball situations and stinging 25 yard drives. Helmets are an increasingly common sight on the soccer field. In the professional game, the big turning point came in October 2006 when Chelsea FC’s Czech goalie Peter Cech (widely regarded as amongst the best in the game), suffered a depressed skull fracture and was hospitalized after a accidental clash with Reading FC’s Irish midfielder Stephen Hunt. Doctors reported that the injury nearly cost Cech his life. Upon his return, a full 3 months later and ever since that time, Cech has sported a ‘rugby-style’ head-guard that many other goalies in world football have been quick to adopt. So if it’s for you, your team-mate or your son or daughter, get them kitted out in the best gear you can afford! For a great range of goalie soccer uniform, fantastic customer service and extremely competitive pricing, I’d highly recommend the guys at Code Four Athletics for all your kids, youth and adult goalie needs.

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Uniforms for Soccer Teams